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Round Plastic Float with Double Knobs

Round Plastic Float with Double Knobs
Dia Size : 75mm~450mm
Working Depth : 1m ~ 1,700m
Customized Color
Customized Mark

-.  Buoys & oats are impregnated with Ultraviolet absorbers to resist damage by sunlight for 
    durable outdoor applications.

-. Material option: ABS resin (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or HIPS resin (High Impact Polystyrene)

-. Ribbed reinforced product surface

-. Heavy-duty twin eye rope hold design for vertical or horizontal use

-. Wide range of working depth from 1 meter ~ 1700 meter

-. Wide range of size from 75 mm ~ 450 mm

-. High water pressure resistance range from 1 bar ~ 170 bars

-. Useful in a variety of applications

-. Custom colors and sizes are available